Week 17: Morning {Project 52}

For this week's theme, I decided to let you see what my actual Morning looks like.  Truth be told, this is my favorite time of day for our family...especially on Saturdays because Andrew doesn't have to get up early to leave for work.  

Somewhere between 5-6am Maggie wakes up and joins us in bed for her breakfast.  We all snuggle back into bed and when Jack wakes up he joins the party.  Typically, we have another addition to our snuggle time.  His name is Mr. Cow, he is my son's very best friend.  In one of the images Jack is making a strange face, but if you can imagine a sweet little voice yelling "Coooooooow" it will fit perfectly.  I hope you have a great Morning!


Continue the circle of photographers by clicking here and seeing what Erin, of Bunting Photography, has in store.

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