Today my mom and sister joined me in an eventful effort of getting some pictures of my children and my niece.  Miss B has been visiting for over a week and we hadn't taken the time to shoot some sweet shots.  So we made it over to HU before the sun got too hot and before the kiddos gave in to nap time.  I loved this image because of the honesty in J and B's faces, but also because of the way the light was dancing behind them.  I am always in awe of the MANY ways God paints the earth with light.  He is truly the greatest artist!

I would love for you to swing by my friend, Mark Gregory's blog to see how he displayed light.

 I was so excited when I got the call from Emily to schedule their family session!  Luke and the kids gave her the gift of new family portraits for Mother's Day, and I am honored they chose me to capture that.  I can't tell you how much I love their sweet kiddos and appreciate their friendship.  The little Mr. and Miss. performed beautifully.  I especially loved how Miss L. would say "Macaroni and Cheese!" instead of the regular "Cheese".  Way to go Luke and Emily on creating such happy, fun and beautiful children.  God smiles on this family.  Thank you, Morris family!


I have the best husband in the world, plain and simple.  This also makes him the best Dad to my children.  Happy Friday everyone!

Go see what my talented friend, Erin, has in store for you!
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing this handsome couple.  Rebecca and Matt have been together for 4 years, I believe, maybe 5.  Either way, it's a very long time :)  They are wonderful people who fit each other perfectly.  When we were talking on the way to our location, it hit me that I used to play at both of their houses with their older sisters.  I feel blessed to have known them then and to know them as adults.  Rebecca is in grad school and every day on her way to school, she passed this beautiful farm.  I'm so glad she stopped to ask the owner if we could use it, because it was perfect!  The sun even decided to come out and play at the end.  They are such a beautiful pair, both inside and out.  Thank you Matt and Rebecca!


I cannot say enough about this lovely couple and their wonderful families.  Logan and Adam chose to have their wedding at Logan's Aunt and Uncle's farm...good choice.  The weather was perfect, the details were rustic, yet elegant, and the air was filled with joy!  The reception was held in the barn and the ceremony took place in the field right next to it.  They had two wooden doors set up for the bridal party to enter through.  And the aisle was lined with buckets of baby's breath.  I was so glad when they decided to have a first look!  During Logan's bridals we found this little hill that was the perfect backdrop to their special moment together.  Since we did so much in the tall grass Logan's beautiful dress had baby grasshoppers trapped in all of the layers.  She was a trooper and just rolled with it.  :)  What fun memories they have collected from their wedding.  I was honored to be a part of it.  
It's been awhile, go check out their engagements.

Thank you Logan and Adam!