I continued my little man's 3 month shoot.  He is our little Cowboy :)  The light was beautiful today!  And I have to give credit to my handsome husband, who helped  me with Jack.  Enjoy!

This week was an easy one for me.  My precious, precious son is both tiny and an incredible blessing.  I love every single inch of him. :)  Thanks Jack Jack.
It's lovely to have a beautiful son that is such a sport when it comes to his own "clickin' mom".  I love capturing every milestone that I can in his life.  It's hard to believe that it has been 3 months already!  What a blessing to watch him grow and learn.

This weeks theme is "abandoned".  I love this little tractor.  I see it every time I drive into town and I think, "man, I wish I had my camera. "  And seeing as today was a snow day, I did!
Along with taking a new picture every week, based on a theme, there are also challenges issued throughout the year.  This one was to shoot from different angels and perspectives.  I received this amazing Bulls-eye Brownie from Andrew's Grandparents and I love it!  But until the film that I ordered for it comes in, it will be my subject for this challenge.  :)

I took these pictures of my beautiful niece and handsome nephew back at the end of the summer.  They are both quite the models.  

I have joined many fellow photographers in a journey over this next year.  I am aiming to post a picture a week, based on a theme that has been selected.  Most likely, many of these will be of my favorite models...my husband and my son. :)  I am a week behind in posting, so I will be sharing 2.

week 1/52:  New Beginnings.

week 2/52:  Togetherness.