Wiggins Pups {Arkansas Pet Photographer}

Warning:  these little guys might just steal your heart.  On Saturday I met up with Gwen and Kerri and we took on a session with 12...count them 12...puppies!  They are only a month old and they squeaked like crazy.  It was adorable!  Kerri's 3 kids were there to help baby sit the pups, and man were they helpful!  I have told Andrew on more than one occasion, I would love to breed dogs because you get to play with them with they are cute and little and then they all go away :)  I think I am a little jaded by my very energetic lab.  I had such a fun time with all of you!  Thank you Gwen and Kerri.



Hannah Alexander said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I want one!!!

Amanda said...

Precious pictures!!

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