Week 4: Black and White {52 Week Project}

Hello to all of the lovely followers that I have been away from for a few months!  

I am very behind on posting from my sessions, but I wanted to take the time to jump in with a group of fellow photographers who are doing a 52 Week Challenge.  Some of you might remember that I did a different one last year…at least for part of last year.  I am hoping to be much more diligent with this group of peers. 

This week’s theme is Black and White.  There were a few ideas that bounced around in my head, but the one that stuck with me was from a book.  A book that is very important to me and my family. A book that is applicable to whatever situation I find myself in. A book that, I believe, has the answer for an eternal life.

You see, whenever I open my Bible, I read the inspired word where the majority is typed in black and white.  The contrast of the black words against a white page is so beautiful to me.  There are times I don’t know how to express my feelings in words and the author, John, is often who I look to for help in that expression.  A friend of mine made reference to 3 John 4 the other day.

I was taken back because that is the main desire I have for my children.  Although they are both in diapers…yes, you heard me, I never forget that one day I will wake up and they won’t be babies anymore.  But I hope to have the same Joy John is speaking about.  I love this accidental shot of my little boy flipping through the pages.  It is a perfect reminder where he needs to be all the days of his life.

Now I would like to show you my pride and joys…in black and white.

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